Micros Systems Overtime Lawsuit: Implementation Specialists

Wilson, et al v. MICROS Systems, inc., No. 3:13-cv-01328 (M.D. Tenn. 2013)

Case Status:


May 14, 2015: U.S. District Judge Campbell approved the settlement reached between the Plaintiffs and Oracle Corp., as successor in interest to Micros Systems, Inc., in which Micros Systems agreed to pay a total of $925,000.00 inclusive of overtime back pay, liquidated damages, service awards, attorney's fees and costs, to settle the claims of the 90 plaintiffs who opted in to join the lawsuit.  The 90 participating plaintiffs will receive their pro rata shares of the $571,183.05 amount remaining after all fees and costs, calculated based on their individual number of weeks worked in an Implementation Specialist or Senior Implementation Specialist position that Micros classified as exempt during the relevant recovery period as a percentage of the total number of all weeks worked by all plaintiffs.  To review the Court's Order approving settlement, click HERE.  To review the Plaintiffs' Consent Motion for Approval of Settlement which explains the settlement details, click HERE.  To review the Settlement Agreement approved by the Court, click HERE.

January 31, 2014: Court enters Consent Order Conditionally Certifying 29 U.S.C. 216(b) Collective Action and Authorizing Notice.  A total of 90 eligible current and former Implementation Specialists joined the lawsuit by submitting a signed Consent form for filing by the Court-ordered deadline. 

January 17, 2014: Answer filed by MICROS Systems, Inc.

November 26, 2013: Complaint filed against MICROS Systems, Inc. on behalf of current and former Implementation Specialists.